I help those who feel trapped by their old stories to rediscover more joy, energy and soul purpose into their lives.

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Free yourself from yourself

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Book your FREE 30 min discovery call to get an energetic upgrade your spiritual journey

Free yourself from yourself

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What I know to be true wholeheartedly know is that in orderto change our reality, we need to change from the deepest energetic level…

Deep within, we all have a desire to live from a place of authenticity. We desire for career and purpose to be in alignment, for our relationships to be harmonious and full of love, and that most importantly, our relationship with ourselves is unshakeable.

However, we get stuck infear-based beliefs that stem from old karmic patterns which keep us from the truth, love, peace and freedom we deserve.

My deepest desire is to help you reprogram the old energies that no longer serve your highest good. We are all intricately connected and play and integral part in the whole. And I am on a mission to help empower you on your spiritual path so that we can co-create a radical global tribeof awakened and compassionate souls who live and breathe from the highest embodiment of their inner wisdom.

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The Sage Method is a 5 step system for shifting our awareness for graceful evolution. When we unify the mind, body, emotions and energy, we create the space for the internal and external embodiment of our truth and freedom. We can then embody the full potential of what spirituality actually is, which is in essence a deeper connection to our selves, those around us, and the richness of life itself.

1. Mental Body

  • Override negative belief systems
  • Develop focus and concentration
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Cultivate creativity and clarity
  • Expand your intuition and awareness

2. Physical Body

  • Eliminate physical aches and pain
  • Improve your posture
  • Develop core strength
  • Release stiffness with flexibility
  • Detox the body of toxins

3. Emotional Body

  • Transform negative emotions
  • Release old traumas and fears
  • Learn to live with honesty and authenticity
  • Cultivate self-acceptance and self-love
  • Open your heart to the peace, love and joy.

4. Energy Body

  • Grow your prana and chi
  • Increase your immune system’s capacity for self-healing
  • Feel more daily vitality and inspiration
  • Access heightened states of consciousness
  • Feel a deeper connection to the divine

5. Spiritual Embodiment

  • Trust in the Signs of the Universe
  • Ground mystical experiences into the body
  • Create the life you deserve to live
  • Manifest your dreams into reality
  • Live in beauty, flow and grace with all that is

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Praise from some clients who made radical shifts

Merle Cockerill

Investment Banker


Tatjana Hoofs

Children’s Behavioral Specialist

The Netherlands

Dion Jensen

Author, Confidence Coach

New Zealand

Visha Nelson



Courtney Bauer

Founder of Curriculum AUM

New York

Antoine Brossard

Leadership Coach


Briyah Denham

VP of Fortune 500 Company

United Kingdom

Melissa Chan D’Estrella

Innovation Enabler


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