Action through Awareness

Written by on September 6, 2017

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” ~ Lao Tzu

I have been delayed in writing the September Sage theme of the month from coming out of teaching a yoga meditation retreat in Chiang Mai this past week. The timing of this theme comes appropriately as we move into a full moon aligned with Pisces this Tuesday evening.

I had vivid dreams last night that caught me off guard. The characters in my dreams were people from my past connecting with people in my present life. The correlation between these characters, as I came to understand them, was that they represent archetypes who I deal with on a day to day basis. And as these seemingly unknown worlds collided into each other and ended in a violent string of choices where I ate the heart of my sweet dog, I awoke sobbing. I was being asked to reinvestigate old scars and be more compassionate with myself in the process, so that I can continue to move forward in my healing work for myself and others.

As a Pisces myself, this full moon is very palpable for me. This Piscean energy is all about recognizing that we are creatures with uniquely divine purposes. It is a call to release feelings of victimization, martyrdom and blame in order to step into a new chapter of purposeful action. Since my dream, I have been orbing in and out of the day with a watery sense that we are about to go on an adventurous journey for the rest of this year. As if we are riding on a log bobbing along a river, gushing downstream, right towards the edge of a massive waterfall.

Today I met a pair of friends who arrived at Sagehouse with the curious intention of wanting to try ajna light meditation. They were choosing to embark on their spiritual journey through a trial in ajna light meditation.

The two friends complemented each other perfectly. It was as if they were the exact mirror opposites of each other, physically, mentally and emotionally. One was a slender man, with an exacting look in his eyes. He wore glasses and emanated a sense of precision. It was as if he analyzed every word I said like a computer processor. His friend was a heavier set man with a jovial innocence comparable to an energetic Labrador. The words impulsive and spontaneous came to mind as I observed the way he casually talked and moved. In simplified terms, the former was more in tune with his intellect, while the latter, his senses.

At the start of meditation, I like to focus the intention with a little game. Depending on what I feel, I have people draw cards from any number of inspirational decks I have. They drew Unicorn Oracle guidance cards named: “Action” and “Awareness.” The intellectual analyst was called to engage with “Action” while his spontaneous friend was asked to develop “Awareness.” If Yin and Yang could walk into a room, it would be these two guys. The law of Oneness ironically played them in such a way that they were asked to cultivate qualities which were stronger in the other.

The Analyst’s guidance from his “Action” card encouraged him to turn his dreams into a reality, and not to indulge the doubts of his fearful ego. It turns out that he has a strong passion for helping orphans in Indonesia, and being that I literally returned from teaching a retreat in Chiang Mai where my students and I raised donations for a non-profit charity called Child’s Dream, I shared their story with him. I shared with him how two well paid ex-bankers gave everything up to pursue a higher calling to help marginalized minority children in Southeast Asia. And 14 years later, they have built over 300 schools, and helped over 300,000 children evolve eventually into empowered adult role models for their local communities. These amazing people were called to a higher purpose, and despite all their fears and doubts, surrendered to Trust and created an unbelievable foundation.

The Impulsive one’s guidance from his “Awareness” card encouraged him to stay present in each and every moment. Instead of going on auto-pilot and jumping the gun to making hasty decisions that would potentially ruin relationships in his life and keep him in constant conflict, this card asked him to slow down and take inventory of exactly what he is feeling at any given moment. Through embodying the role of the Conscious Observer or the Silent Watcher, and disengaging from the drama of impetuous emotion, he will have to learn to recruit his intellect to discern what is ultimately for his highest good.

As I talked with these two about their meditative journey post-ajna light, crows circled outside the window. And crows are seldom seen in my neighborhood. The universe is full of signs and messages if we pay attention. In shamanism, crows teach us to connect to our Higher Intelligence. They also teach us to be more adaptable and flexible while developing the insight to support our pure intentions. Most importantly, crows remind us that if we are present and aware, we can witness magic happening around us all the time.

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