Queer Spirit: A Shamanic Slumber Party Special

Written by on April 10, 2020

Queer Spirit: A Shamanic Slumber Party Special

Transform wounds into a source of power at our shamanic slumber party. Join other queer people for some guided dance medicine, community building, journaling exercises, and a powerful internal makeover led by our spiritual guide, Johnson Chong.

The word shaman comes from a Siberian word meaning one who knows. Connecting to the way of the shaman means connecting to the rhythms of nature through an altered state of consciousness. In the shamanic lineage, we will dive into our subconscious and unconscious states of consciousness through our breath, our body, our emotions, our memories, our energy and our soul. We will take that which makes us most alive and magnify it.

Human beings only experience 5% of what exists in the Universe. There are invisible aspects of nature that we can tap into, and when we can reference from these forgotten, but very real parts of ourselves, we start to move through life with a new relationship to our full potential.

In the queer community, we are ostracized by the status quo. On a human level, at one point or another, it was challenging to cope with feeling misunderstood, being rejected and not accepting ourselves and the way things are. It hurt. On a soul level, if our souls didn't think we could do it, we wouldn't have arrived into this timeline with the struggles and pain that we are faced with.

In this workshop, we will be working to reconnect with that aspect of self that is beyond the limited logical mind. We are diving deeper into our soul that yearns to remember the truth of queer consciousness, not only for the sake of ourselves, but for the sake of all those who do not have the courage to explore that.

This is for queer people who are ...

  • looking for a deeper connection to intimacy with themselves and others.
  • looking for acceptance of conscious/unconscious deep wounds that need to be healed.
  • looking to deepen their relationship with spirituality whether you are new to it, or have been on a spiritual journey already.
  • looking to explore another layer of queer consciousness on the collective level.
  • looking to release personal fears and blocks that keep you from living life fearlessly.


Johnson is an award-winning author of Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma. Originally from NYC, he has travelled around the world facilitating transformational journeys, workshops and retreats. He draws on 16 years of yogic wisdom, shamanic energy medicine, meditation, energy work, somatic healing, Buddhism, and dynamic coaching as a Four Winds Energy Medicine Health Coach, and an InnerGuidanceTM coach. He is the former founder of Sagehouse in Singapore, where he lived for 6 years. s a spiritual guide, he has been featured in queer publications like The Advocate, The Fight Magazine, Means Happy and Boom LGBT. He is also the creator of Exodus Retreats and is currently based in Sydney, Australia with his partner and his dog, where he helps conscious leaders reconnect to their inner truth, wisdom and freedom.


Nathan is a Coming Out Coaching for the LGBTQ+ community. As a Certified Life Coach through the Life Purpose Institute, he works to help free queer people from the shame prisons that are holding them back from claiming the fulfilling careers and relationships they are worthy of. Nathan is also a brand identity specialist working with business-owners, LGBTQ+ organizations, and environmental non-profits to help transform their missions into captivating messaging and imagery.


April 24th Friday 7-10 pm Pacific Western time (USA)

April 25th Saturday 12-3 pm Sydney Time, 2-5pm New Zealand Time, 10-1 pm Singapore/HK Time

  • The Zoom link will be emailed to you the day before the start of the event after you have registered.
$1.19 (tax)
Total: $36.19

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