Shamanic Breathwork Journey to Open the Heart

Fri July 8th, 2022 Singapore 4-7 p

MMI Building – 70 South Bridge Road, #03-01
Singapore 058700

From a physical standpoint, the four chambers of the heart pump blood and oxygen to maintain life in the body. From an energetic standpoint, the four chambers of the heart represent the four cardinal directions, and the four states of consciousness that we can access. By embracing the stories and energetic patterns that the heart holds onto, we are then able to heal and reclaim a sense of wholeness.


The south (Serpent) helps us to release any unhealthy patterns in our physical body – all the injuries and even disease that has accumulated over your life. The west (Jaguar) gives us courage to face our shadows that lurk in the subconscious mental and emotional realms. When we can embrace our shadows, we will be freed of any inner turmoil. The north (Hummingbird) connects us to our ancestors, our true purpose and even our wildest dreams that are waiting to manifest. And the east (Eagle/Condor) brings us into deeper union with our spiritual bodies – an infinite matrix of rainbow light that is intertwined with the Source of all that is.


As a group, we will drop into a sacred ceremonial space engaging with breathwork and shamanic journeying as a way to rewire the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. In doing so, the purpose is to invite you to come back to your wholeness.


Think of a shamanic journey as a vision quest. Shamans around the world would rattle, drum, sing, chant, take plant medicine, dance, and perform various other local practices to connect with Spirit. There are many ways to drop into an inner and it is experienced uniquely by each person. In many ways, it is a ceremony with Spirit, your guides, and your highest self – with the aim of revealing the parts of you that need to be acknowledged, reclaimed and healed.


In the Q’ero world of shamans, they speak in the language of symbols. Just like poems, and lyrics to songs are not always literal, what you receive as guidance through these journeys has to be wholly felt with all parts of you, not just analyzed through the mind. There are various realms you can travel on a shamanic journey. There are three main dimensions we travel to: the ukhupacha (lower worlds/the subconscious), the kaypacha (middle world/the conscious), the hanakpacha (the upper worlds/the divinely conscious).


In traveling to these dimensions, we can recover guidance from power animals, spirit guides, restore lost parts of self like inner child wounding, soul loss from old traumas that were either from this life or other lifetimes, creative new pathways into the projects that light you up and so much more.


If you’re ready to deepen your relationship to your spiritual nature, this workshop will recalibrate your mind, body and heart for more more clarity and vibrancy so that you can continue being unapologetically you.