Breakthrough Overwhelm and Free Yourself

“For the first time, I was in contact with my feelings, which are detached to me for the time being. My skype session reinforced the importance of the work that I am doing right now going through a major change in life. Johnson’s understanding of the situation was highly supportive.”
~Pia Ravn, Denmark, Business Leadership
“I felt the chronic back pain that I had for 17 years leaving me in the Inner Guidance Session with Johnson. After a week, it is still gone.” 
~Silvana Shantidevi, London, Holistic Practitioner
“If you want to unlock your deepest potential and energy then you want to book a skype session with Johnson. He knows what he is doing and guides you in the most beautiful and insightful way.”
~Helle Hvilshoej, Denmark, Personal Development Coach
“If you’re keen on knowing yourself better or examining any lingering issues, Johnson is a great guide.  I attended Johnson’s Inner Guidance Workshops and they were extremely powerful, profound and eye-opening. I found it being a great alternative to therapy and I prefer how the music/ritual and simple dialogue helps you reach deeper levels of consciousness and perhaps truly connect with yourself and your surroundings.”
~Magdalena Gacek, Singapore, Global Design 

Transformational shifts from some clients

Visha Nelson – Entrepreneur – Singapore

Victoria Ke – Co-Founder of We Heal – Australia

Antoine Brossard – Leadership Development – France

Tom Hogan – Bespoke Spirits Specialist  – Chicago

Ken Krell – Founder of Wealthspring – New York

Courtney Bauer – Founder of ANYA Method – New York

Melissa Chan – Change Maker – Singapore

Lydia Goh – Business Manager – Singapore

Briyah Denham – VP of Fortune 500 Company – London

Brandon Mario Wescott – Founder of Limitless Unlocked – Australia

Dion Jensen – CEO of Dion Jensen Coaching – New Zealand

Alex Lambert – Founder of AL Coaching – Australia

Elena Sidorochkina – Oil & Gas – Austria

Mabel Ng – Corporate Tax – Singapore

Angelic Cheah – Entrepreneur – Singapore

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Embodiment of your authenticity is a FULL BODY INQUIRY… accelerating, activating and awakening one’s innate purpose and potential.

Johnson integrates his more than a decade long spiritual practice of yogic wisdom, meditation, somatic movement, energy medicine and shamanic journeying to his coaching practice to help his clients breakthrough overwhelm, and live the lives they dream of.  The space that Johnson creates offers a profoundly healing self-discovery experience, followed by very practical and actionable steps to create the most powerful breakthroughs.

As a certified InnerGuidanceTM coach, and a certified Four Winds Energy Medicine Health Coach, in conjunction with his background as an advanced E-RYT 500 Hr Yoga Teacher Trainer, and PMA Pilates Teacher Trainer, he has an expansive knowledge on the inner workings of human psychology and how it gets trapped in the physical and mental bodies.


As the founder of Sagehouse in Singapore, a studio for holistic movement and coaching, he was able to work with a large array of clients from all walks of life in helping them access their inner wisdom & empathy on all levels – Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Energetically. 


Currently, Johnson is based in Sydney, Australia, and is available for online and offline coaching programs.

Working with Johnson is for you if …

  • A Successful professional or entrepreneur who feels trapped in Business and in Life?
  • Tired of feeling materially successful yet enslaved and exhausted?
  • Perhaps, even tired of feeling bored, miserable and paid to do nothing?
  • Looking to do something More with your life without making significant adjustments to your current life?
  • Looking for Vitality and Connection in your Career and  Personal Relationships?
  • Tired of feeling chronically stressed, heavily medicated and suffering debilitating diseases?
  • Experiencing symptoms of a disease doctors cannot explain and feel there is something deeper at its root?
  • Looking to give back and create purpose in your every Action and Project?
  • Tired of not living your full human potential?
  • Tired of feeling chronically stressed, heavily medicated and suffering debilitating diseases.

Coaching helps …


The aim of our session is to reach CHOICE POINT where you can no longer cling to limited understandings that don’t fully serve you and your unique life’s purpose, and to illuminate your gifts so that they become readily accessible to you.

From here we discuss further strategies to nurture and serve your new realizations creating a sustainable, embodied experience of conscious evolution.

What will a session be like?

For some, this will be a very emotional and heart-centered experience; for others, kinesthetic and physically activating. For others, it will be experienced as energetic or even mystical. For others still, it will be a practical and logical process that just “makes sense.”

Of course as humans we are capable of all of these experiences (and more) and the aim is to give each person and their unique, evolving system a chance to benefit from them all. This is why it is so hard for people to explain what an IG session is because it defies categorization and blends many so-called spiritual, physical, energetic, intellectual and psychological modes compatibly and seamlessly.

Possible Topics during your session can include:

Empowered Purpose, Developing Deeper Presence and Awareness, Creating through Creativity, Conscious Relationships, Spiritual Awakening, Kundalini Rising, Past Life Closure, Physical & Emotional Healing, Conscious Living & Contributing, Navigating and Transcending Difficult Crossroads.

Book a Complimentary 60-Min Discovery Call with Johnson