Event details
Date: August 26, 2018
Location: Calligaris Soho
Address: 55 Thompson Street 5 New York New York City

with Johnson Chong and Shelly Reef

Saturday Aug 26, 5 – 7 pm (with an optional hour sharing circle after the session)

Early $50 USD



Inner Guidance was created by Amara Samata, an awakened being, currently based in Bali. Through her awakening into her True Self, she synthesized the Inner Dance Process created by Pi Villaraza and the teachings of Amara’s Tibetan Lama from the Dzogchen tradition of Mahayana Buddhism. It is a profoundly healing self-discovery experience and is one of the most powerful tools for breakthroughs today.

InnerGuidance is a powerful alchemy of effective tools brought to you from the founders 40+ years of committed conscious seeking, finding and embodiment.

It works on and accesses inner wisdom & empathy on all levels – Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Energetically.


This unique zither harp was meticulously perfected by energy healers to create the most accessible and effective

sound healing instrument possible.

The harps are individually hand crafted in the USA from the highest quality redwood. The unique feature of the ‘sound ports,’ located on the inner side panel, produce a wondrous effect when gently pressed to the ear. This has been described as the experience of being surrounded by healing frequencies, as if standing within the harp itself.

In this workshop, Shelly will be playing frequencies that are designed for physical grounding, pain and stress release, deep relaxation, and connection to the Earth while connecting to an innocent playfulness and joy.


Shelly Reef’s journey began in 1972 when she spontaneously discovered meditation at the home of her birth in Kansas.

She was age seven at the time. By age 22, she was studying Zen Buddhism in Asia, and in her mid-thirties she turned her attention to quantum science as applied to spirituality. Today, she works full time as an empath, healer, and teacher of meditation.

A lifetime pursuit of spiritual wisdom led to extensive studies in Japan, Bali, Thailand, Peru, and the United States. Teachers of Buddhism, shamanism, yoga, energy and sound healing, quantum science, and modern spiritualism helped to define the work that Shelly offers today.

The self-appointed title “World Spiritualist” refers to her agenda of no-agenda other than awakening inner joy and compassion in the hearts of as many fellow humans as possible in her lifetime. She describes her work as being unbound by religion, culture, or social construct. Her mission is your happiness and the resulting harmony of life on Earth.

Shelly is co-developer of AntiGravity Restorative Yoga, a former master instructor of nearly every form of AntiGravity Yoga, and has held master instructor trainings in over 15 countries since 2010.

Traveling worldwide to offer workshops, public appearances, and retreats, Shelly has also lectured on the topics of integrative healthcare, sound healing, and meditation at New York University, Tze Shan Monastery in Hong Kong, AsiaSpa Awards, and many more.

Shelly is currently based in Reykjavik, Iceland and San Diego, California where she offers private empathic readings in person and globally via video calling. She is the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Silent Monkey: Meditation for the wildest of minds”.


Johnson is the founder of Sagehouse, a studio for mind body and emotional centering

in Singapore, and the creator of Exodus Retreats, where he leads people to exotic locations like India, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, Bhutan on an inward journey. As a sage coach, his intention is to help others awaken to their truest potential by drawing from yogic wisdom, meditation, energy work, and the principles of the global shamanic people.

He has always felt a strong call to articulate the inexpressible and to make the invisible known. Borne out of his desperation to break out of his anxious and emotional destructive behaviors, he spent the past 14 years looking for a higher purpose beyond the physical. Through his encounters with shamans of Mayan and Andean lineages, crystal healers, sound healers, divine healers, baliyans, high priestesses, astrologers, numerologists, acupuncturists, psychics and mediums, Johnson began a deep journey of deepening his relationship with himself through the language of energy. During his travels in India, he was initiated as a Master Reiki Practitioner by Shantih Mai and Swami Amitanand. He also has received an unexpected shamanic initiation in Peru during a sacred plant ceremony. His resonance to the shaman field deepened through his studying Munay-ki with Leantara Shah and shamanic journeying with the renowned Sandra Ingerman.

Johnson is also a conscious movement teacher, and has always had a natural affinity towards movement. As a child, Johnson practiced kung fu and danced throughout high school, which inspired him to become a professionally trained actor with a BFA in Acting for Theatre and Film from Purchase College New York. It was actually in acting conservatory when he first fell in love with yoga, and discovered the magic of somatic inquiry through the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method. It was conscious movement and somatic inquiry that kept him grounded at a time in his life when he was emotionally and mentally volatile. Since then, he has trained extensively world wide: 200 hours Joschi Yoga institute in New York, 500 hours Akhanda Yoga, Classical Kundalini and Hatha Raja with Yogirishi Vishvaketu in India, and over 1000 hours of continuing education with his mentor Courtney Bauer, the founder of the AUM curriculum and creator of Studio ANYA in New York.

His passion for biomechanics and movement led him to become trained in the Pilates repertoire, Core Align 1, GYROTONIC®, Advanced Thai Massage, ANYA Bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang (Organ Chi Massage) and Ayurvedic Massage.

During his journey, he has met so many teachers and guides who have shown him how to be the most authentic version of himself, including Amara Samata, the creator of Inner Guidance. He is very excited to share this integrative process that has help catalyze such great shifts in his own life with anyone who is willing.