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Date: March 22, 2020

During this hectic time on our planet, it is hard to find the silver lining. Some might find it too soon to searching for hidden blessings in disguise in the midst of chaos. But is that true? Every thing we think, act and feel is a choice. Despite all that is going on, we can very simply choose to succumb to panic/fear, or take conscious action to use this time for a massive RESET and growth.

When you work on your personal growth, you really are working on shifting your entire perspective on how you view the world. Why is that important? Not only does it directly impact all aspects of YOU in how you view your career, your personal relationships, but shifting perspectives is a vital key in embodying true personal freedom. And at a time of even more uncertainty than we could have possibly imagined, all we can control are our thoughts and ways of reacting or not reacting around all the noise around us.

It is not enough to understand freedom through your mental capacities. For true freedom, you must engage in a powerful inner experience of what breakthrough feels like in every single cell of your being. It’s an experience, not theory.

During this online workshop, you will tap into that which makes you most alive, so that you can harness that energy to breakthrough the collective pandemonium of what is unfolding right now on the planet. Through a highly intuitive and practical process of self-discovery, not only will you walk away with new perspectives on how to create beauty out of disorder, but you will gain the confidence to break free from old patterns that no longer serve the kind of game you want to play in the world.

This online workshop is for you if you are …

  • needing nurture and support during a tumultuous and uncertain time.
  • craving to connect to other like-minded people who also treasure high vibes, intelligence and soulful experiences
  • Curious, Motivated, Adventurous, Resourceful and Committed to your conscious self development
  • feeling it’s time to reconnect to your Inner Truth & Freedom
  • wanting support in navigating and breaking through challenging states of anger, grief, stress and anxiety with more ease and grace
  • wanting to soften the voices in your head that hold you back from your greatness

During the online workshop, you can expect to…

  • Learn simple and effective practices to reset your nervous system from a state of stress to one of calm
  • Develop a deeper relationship to your self-love to combat daily self-criticism and emotional overwhelm
  • Release deep seated subconscious blocks or fears that keep you from fully making the impact you want in your business and personal life.


– The zoom link will be emailed to you with the email you registered. If you haven’t received the link, please email: [email protected]
– Jump online on the zoom call 5 minutes before the official start time, 1pm Sydney time.

Please Prepare:

  • A good pair of headphones, long wires or bluetooth
  • Laptop
  • Stable internet connection
  • Pen/paper for journaling
  • Candle you can light
  • Meditation cushion, yoga mat they can sit or lie down on
  • Quiet space where you can concentrate from 1 – 3 pm Sydney AEST time
  • Your willingness to delve deep.

After you have made a credit card payment to reserve your spot. Please email [email protected] so that you can get the zoom link to the workshop on Saturday.