Johnson has always had a natural affinity towards movement. As a child, Johnson practiced kung fu and danced throughout high school, which inspired him to become a professionally trained actor with a BFA in Acting for Theatre and Film from Purchase College New York. It was actually in acting conservatory when he first fell in love with yoga, and discovered the magic of somatic inquiry through the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method. It was conscious movement and somatic inquiry that kept him grounded at a time in his life when he was emotionally and mentally volatile. Since then, he has trained extensively world wide: 200 hours Joschi Yoga institute in New York, 500 hours Akhanda Yoga, Classical Kundalini and Hatha Raja with Yogirishi Vishvaketu in India, and over 1000 hours of continuing education with his mentor Courtney Bauer, the founder of the AUM curriculum and creator of Studio ANYA in New York.

His passion for biomechanics and movement led him to become trained in the Pilates repertoire, Core Align 1, GYROTONIC®, Advanced Thai Massage, ANYA Bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang (Organ Chi Massage) and Ayurvedic Massage.

On the level of spirit, Johnson felt a strong call to delve into the realm of the invisible. Borne out of his desperation to break out of his anxious and emotional destructive behaviors, he spent the past 13 years looking for a higher purpose beyond the physical. Through his encounters with shamans of Mayan and Andean lineages, crystal healers, sound healers, divine healers, baliyans, high priestesses, astrologers, numerologists, acupuncturists, psychics and mediums, Johnson was guided to deepen his relationship with himself through the language of energy. During his travels in India, he naturally initiated as a Master Reiki Practitioner by Shantih Mai and Swami Amitanand. He also has received an unexpected shamanic initiation in Peru during a sacred plant ceremony. His resonance to the shaman field deepened through his studying Munay-ki with Leantara Shah and shamanic journeying with the renowned Sandra Ingerman.

During his journey, he feels so fortunate to have been catalyzed throuhg 3rd eye and kundalini activations from Mata Amritanandamayi Devi and Mother Meera through multiple darshans and blessings over the years, and since these spiritual awakenings, been able to move through his life in flow with the universe.

As a teacher and lifelong student of movement, meditation and spirituality over the past 10 years, Johnson created Sagehouse in Singapore with the intention of awakening others to their true potential inside and out. Through Exodus Retreats, he has been blessed to lead truth seekers to exotic locations in India, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, Bhutan and more.

I’ve learned the hard way through overdoing and getting sick, that the art of listening cannot be put to the wayside. I spend a few moments each day to close my eyes to tune in to how I am feeling, which includes scanning the physical sensations, my mental state and emotional life. I check to see if any of the three are imbalanced. And if so, I create a dialogue with my higher Self, and see what needs to be done about it. Mind, Body and Spirit simply is a journey of listening.