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“Wow. I usually don’t comment but found this to be so moving. I felt the energy surging through me and so connected to myself and Source. We are One. Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring delivery. The music and your words were powerful.” ~ Elle, California, USA


“Absolutely amazing! This is by far the most energising meditation I have ever done. I have Severe ME so my cells don’t produce energy properly but I’ve played this a few times now and it helps every time and always uplift my spirits, thank you so much.” ~ Alex, United Kingdom


The way the info was presented then time for thinking and practicing each step of the meditation made it so beneficial. I will return & practice this often as I can see how helpful this will be for me personally. Loved both the music & voice. Perfect balance, neither intruding on the other. Thank you.” ~ Joyce Arizona, USA


“I’m physically disabled so couldn’t do a lot of this as it’s quite active, but it was still very uplifting and energising to listen to and I think it would be a wonderfully immersive experience.” ~ Miranda, United Kingdom

Sage Meditation Premium Downloads

Blueprinting Relaxation and Energy into Your Body Mind and Heart.mp3

Eliminate Your Stress and Connect to Inner Peace.mp3

Find Your Personal Power to Manifest Your Heart’s Desire.mp3

Curb Your Insomnia for a Better Night’s Sleep.mp3

Free Recorded Live Meditations

These are live recorded guided meditations from the weekly ajna light meditation class I lead at Sagehouse. To maintain the upkeep on this content and keeping it open to the public, it relies on your kind donation.