Episode # 2 with Kira Saundra – The Practical and Intuitive 123s of Grounding for the Spiritual Urbanite

Johnson Chong & Kira Saundra

In this 2nd Episode of the Sage Sapien Podcast, Kira Saundra, Founder of the Panther Process, a meta-consciousness program and I talk about the elusive spiritual technique of grounding. We have a fun and insightful conversation sitting in the clatter of Madison Square Park in NYC. Drawing on personal revelations through conscious observation of ourselves, our clients and our surroundings, we speak to inspire you to make your own aware choices. You will walk away with a sweet blend of practical and intuitive advice to help you get grounded in the chaos of urban life.

For more information about Kira Saundra and the Panther Process in NYC visit: https://www.thepantherprocess.com/

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