Episode #3 with Shelly Reef – Navigating Belief Systems and Investigating the Light and Dark while on the Spiritual Path

Johnson Chong & Shelly Reef

In this 3rd Episode of the Sage Sapien Podcast, Shelly Reef, World Spiritual Teacher of Meditation and Sound Healing, and I reconnect after a few years since our last encounter in Bali. We co-facilitated a workshop that featured the Inner Guidance Process as created by Amara Samata with Shelly’s live therapeutic harp healing while passing through NYC together, and decided to have an impromptu chat about our spiritual journeys. We touch on shamanism, veganism, and reconciling the light and dark within us. This conversation is not meant to be prescriptive, but rather to open a dialogue within ourselves – to re-evaluate what does and does not serve us as we evolve in our own personal development.

For more information about Shelly Reef and her workshops and offerings based in Iceland and California, visit https://shellyreef.com

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