Why is presence useful? Presence seems like a no-brainer when it comes to having conversations, making deals, working with others, or whatever it is that we do during our day. But I find that’s not the case. For example, have you ever gone through a day in your life, where you were on auto-pilot, and couldn’t quite remember how you got from point A to Z? I definitely have.

So my question is, how did we get from being this playful and PRESENT child to becoming a zombie of a human being. Because presence is something that we were naturally born with. We can see this, in the inquisitive nature of a child. Like when they’re getting accustomed to their environment, their eyes and ears are receiving information with full attention. What a child has that we have perhaps lost is innocence and unadulterated curiosity.

Presence is about being open and receptive to what IS available in, what Eckhart Tolle calls, the HERE and NOW. Not some projection of the past OR some fantastical hope for the future.


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