It Takes a Lot More than Mindset to Breakthrough Overwhelm

Overwhelm is a big umbrella for many things including brain fog, indecisiveness, confusion, self-criticism, fatigue, external and internal pressures, uninspired, pressure to constantly do instead of settling back and receiving, constant stress, anxiety, allowing limiting beliefs to take over and fear of the unknown and stepping into your full power.

The common denominator is that they are all chemical reactions that can be changed by mindset shifts to some degree. But it will take a lot more than just changing your mindset to make a permanent shift.

The good news is that we all have the capacity to get to our most optimal state of health, well-being, and cultivate the personal relationships we want with ourselves, friends and family while at the same time creating conscious businesses as respected leaders in our fields without comprising our sanity.

Stay to the end of the video for some announcements on how you can dive deeper into your full embodied potential.


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