In November of 2015, I co-facilitated a beautiful program for 10 days in Nepal with my friend Lisa Low, where we had heart opening experiences one after the other: from our daily yoga practice to guided journeying meditations, under the Himalayan backdrop to observing the Tibetan monks chanting for world peace at 5 am to visiting a neglected Nepalese orphanage.

We surrendered to Trust and the Universe and took a leap of faith on an adventure into the clouds, paragliding with our eagle friends alongside us. In the spirit of community and being proclaimed citizens of Mother Earth, we seek to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

For this trip, we collected winter clothing for the orphans, and raised money among our group to purchase school uniforms. We are proud to also have raised $8,700 USD in donations to the Green Roots Nepal Group, a pro-active collective of expats and locals who work directly with low-caste villages overlooked by earthquake relief efforts.

Their projects include eco-earth mud housing developments, sanitation education, re-farming education and social development.

If you would like to find out more about our charities please click here or message us: [email protected]

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