Rebirth: Emerging from the Suffering of the Old Self

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Rebirth: Emerging from the Suffering of the Old Self

You are a leader if you...

  • manage a team in an organisation.
  • are an entrepreneur with employees.
  • serve in the government.
  • work as an educator or coach.
  • are someone who serves as a role model for your community.
  • You are a conscious leader if you...

  • honour high integrity.
  • value the importance of leading from the mind, body & heart.
  • know that how you do anything is how you do everything.
  • aspire to communicate daily from a place of empathy.
  • actively work on your personal development.
  • This program is for conscious leaders who...

      • have experienced a major emotional event(s) in their lives (i.e. divorce, death, old emotional wounds of rejection, betrayal, shame or guilt, etc).
      • are tired of the pressures of external and internal expectations that create physical, mental and emotional stress, anxiety and depression.
      • are ready to move from a desolate state of solitude to inner solace.
      • are ready to recreate a new identity that is based in powerful self love.
      • are prepared to bury the old self and birth their new authentic self.
      • want to breakthrough the overwhelm of intense emotional mood swings.
      • are willing to discover their Higher Purpose.
      • are seeking more joy and fulfillment in their lives.
      • want to cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace.

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    8 Week Transformational Journey

    This is a fast track course designed for the busy conscious leader. Especially for those who are longing for a community of like minded individuals ready to breakthrough the old limiting self.

    In order to come into a natural state of inner peace, you must learn to transform the mind, body and heart in practical ways.

    This program is a combination of live interactive sessions as well as powerful video and audio resources to support your transition into your True Self.

    • We are not here to talk our issues to death.
    • We are here to transform ourselves through direct experience.
    • So that we can live more freely, joyfully and lovingly.

    This is how we do it…

    • 8 Powerful Rebirth Journeying Workshops

      (Live on Zoom – 2 hours – once per week – SUN: 2-4 pm Sydney Time, 4-6 pm New Zealand, 12-2 pm Singapore/HK/Perth, 5-7 am UK, 6-8 am Europe, SAT 5-7 pm Pacific US, 8-10 pm Eastern US

    • 8 Breakthrough Calls 

      (Live on Zoom – 1 hour – once per week -WED 7 pm Sydney, 9 pm New Zealand, 5pm Singapore/HK/Perth, 10 am UK, 11 am Europe, TUES: 7pm Pacific US, 10 pm Eastern US

    • 8 Specially designed audio meditations for daily morning rituals (30 – 45 min each)
    • 8 Weeks of course materials created for spiritual evolution (including yoga videos, breathwork, spiritual philosophy and more)
    • 2 one-on-one distant shamanic energy healing sessions 
    • Private group forum for continued support and sharing of homework
    • BONUS: Free Video Access to 10 Day Detox to reboot and reset the brain, and to restore the bioenergetic balance of the body

    Weekly Themes

    • Week 1: Freeing Our Old Identity from Generational Stories & Ancestral Karma
    • Week 2: Transmuting the Shadow Emotions of Fear, Guilt & Shame
    • Week 3: Overcoming the 5 Mental States of Suffering 
    • Week 4: Cutting the Conscious & Unconscious Cords to Harmful Relationships
    • Week 5: Setting the Limiting Self Ablaze to Rebirth the True Self
    • Week 6: The New Path Forward through the Art of Stillness
    • Week 7: The Art of Communication – Getting the Most Out of Your Relationships 
    • Week 8: Sage Sapien – Embodying the Truthful, Wise and Free Self