Rebirth: Emerging from the Suffering of the Old Self

Client Stories

Amanda Thorpe,
Organisational Change Management


Visha Nelson,
Founder of the Cinnamon Room


Hazel Goodier,
Owner of The Hideaway
Richard Nelson,
Partner at King & Spalding
Mabel Ng,
APAC Senior Tax Management


Antoine Brossard,
Senior Manager People Planning & Optimization


Sabriyah Denham,
Executive Director at Goldman Sachs
Melissa Chan,
Innovation & Community Development
Tatjana Hoofs,
Children’s Behavioral Specialist

Rebirth: Emerging from the Suffering of the Old Self

You are a leader if you...

  • manage a team in an organisation.
  • are an entrepreneur with employees.
  • serve in the government.
  • work as an educator or coach.
  • are someone who serves as a role model for your community.
  • You are a conscious leader if you...

  • honour high integrity.
  • value the importance of leading from the mind, body & heart.
  • know that how you do anything is how you do everything.
  • aspire to communicate daily from a place of empathy.
  • actively work on your personal development.
  • This program is for conscious leaders who...

      • have experienced a major emotional event(s) in their lives (i.e. divorce, death, old emotional wounds of rejection, betrayal, shame or guilt, etc).
      • are tired of the pressures of external and internal expectations that create physical, mental and emotional stress, anxiety and depression.
      • are ready to move from a desolate state of solitude to inner solace.
      • are ready to recreate a new identity that is based in powerful self love.
      • are prepared to bury the old self and birth their new authentic self.
      • want to breakthrough the overwhelm of intense emotional mood swings.
      • are willing to discover their Higher Purpose.
      • are seeking more joy and fulfillment in their lives.
      • want to cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace.

    To make a free 45 min breakthrough discovery call, please book your appointment time at

    8 Week Accelerated Transformational Journey

    This is a fast track course designed for the busy conscious leader. Especially for those who are longing for a community of like minded individuals ready to breakthrough the old limiting self.

    In order to come into a natural state of inner peace, you must learn to transform the mind, body and heart in practical ways.

    This program is a combination of live interactive sessions as well as powerful video and audio resources to support your transition into your True Self.

    • We are not here to talk our issues to death.
    • We are here to transform ourselves through direct experience.
    • So that we can live more freely, joyfully and lovingly.

    This is how we get results in an accelerated way …

    • 8 Powerful Rebirth Journeying Workshops

      (Live on Zoom – 2.5 hours – once per week)

    • 8 Breakthrough Calls 

      (Live on Zoom – 1 hour – once per week)

    • 8 Specially designed audio meditations for daily morning rituals (30 min each)
    • 8 Weeks of course materials created for spiritual evolution (including yoga videos, breath work, useful spiritual philosophy and more)
    • 2 one-on-one healing breakthrough sessions 
    • Private group forum for continued support and sharing of homework
    • BONUS: Free Video Access to 10 Day Detox to reboot and reset the brain, and to restore the bioenergetic balance of the body

    Weekly Themes

    • Week 1: Freeing Our Old Identity from Generational Stories & Ancestral Karma
    • Week 2: Transmuting the Shadow Emotions of Fear, Guilt & Shame
    • Week 3: Overcoming the 5 Mental States of Suffering 
    • Week 4: Cutting the Conscious & Unconscious Cords to Harmful Relationships
    • Week 5: Burying the Old Self to Rebirth the True Self
    • Week 6: The New Path Forward through the Art of Stillness
    • Week 7: The Art of Communication – Getting the Most Out of Your Relationships 
    • Week 8: Sage Sapien – Embodying the Truthful, Wise and Free Self