Sage Meditation Teacher Training

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 Monday, April 13th Monday – 8 pm Sydney, 6 pm Singapore, 11 am UK, 10 am Europe

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Why Train with us?

The Sage Meditation Teacher Training is pending as a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. As meditation becomes more in demand by our ever increasingly quick paced life, the world needs more meditation teachers. Also, as modern humans becomes more and more neurotic, to be a well rounded meditation teacher, it takes more than just a few breathing techniques and counting inhale 1, 2, 3, 4 and exhale 1, 2, 3,4.

This program is a one of a kind melange of various modalities. This way, you can draw from a toolkit of transformational experiences to deliver to your clients. We address meditation from a well-rounded lens by looking at:

Program Details:

– 12 Weeks of Assignments through comprehensive online videos, audios and practical assignments

– Private Group Forum for Support

– Weekly Online Meditative Gatherings

– Weekly 3 Hour Workshops

– Practicum/Exam

  • the physical body through movement based meditations
  • traditional yogic breath and meditative techniques
  • dynamic unorthodox Osho meditations
  • the essentials of Buddhist Philosophy
  • the purpose and science of sound/mantra practice
  • the power of inner visualization
  • the effects of psychosomatic healing through shamanic journeying

(YA CEU Credits Available)

Next Online Enrollment

(12 Week Course)

Begins May 10 – Aug 1, 2020

$3333 (Program Tuition)

$2222 (Early Bird Program Tuition)

There are various schools of thought. Some have very rigorous and set systems in place. We stand behind a system that can be adaptable for individual/group needs. We are not training you to become a Rigid Specialist, but rather a Creative Generalist. A Generalist who is specific – that’s the paradox. Every person has a unique operating system.

Some are more physically inclined, others visually connected, some are emotionally centered, while others are more energetically sensitive. Through the exposure of the various techniques we will share with you, you will leave with a more embodied practice of meditation, versus a cerebral approach.

With the ability to assess and co-create a unique meditative experience for each individual client, you will be a sought after meditation coach, with the ability to conduct group classes, one-on-one sessions and workshops.

The industry is saturated with mindfulness professionals and that number will continue to rise. While the mainstream is looking to get people to become more mind-centered, we are seeking find the balance, which for the majority, involves emptying the mind. This empowers people to feel into the experience of their emotions, which means embodying the body.

So you could say that this training stands out in the sense that we are training you to become mindfully mindless.


This training is a combination of practical hands on training that involves theory, practice of writing meditation scripts, to verbal cuing, hands-on touch, simple movement based techniques. The assignments include watching and reviewing videos, listening to meditation audios, reading course materials, self-practice journaling and practice teaching hours.

  • Practical Training: 35 hours
  • Videos and Assignments: 30
  • Practice Teaching: 20 hours
  • Self Practice with Journaling: 25 hours

Total number of hours of training: 100 hours

  • Self Journals due: July 1
  • Practice Teaching Hours and documentation due: Sep 1

TEST OUT ($333)

  • Market and promote one group meditation session. (Under Supervision).
  • Marketing and promote one private meditation session on a complete stranger. (Under Supervision).
  • Multiple Choice Test, and short essay test.
  • You must pass with an 80% or more. At the end of the training program, at which point, you will receive a certification.

On the Rise

Corporate companies are offering their employees subscriptions to not only yoga classes, but meditation experiences as well.  Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Google and Nike to name a few have integrated meditation into the resources available to their employees.  According to the American CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, Meditation jumped to a close second with 14.2 % of American adults saying they have meditated in the past year, which increased threefold from 4.1% in 2012.  At a time when the global culture is one is more hectic than ever especially with higher demands every single day, and technology that makes us even more addicted to doing doing doing, meditation is now needed more than ever.

Even schoolteachers are incorporating meditation and yoga into their lesson plans, and popular meditation apps like Headspace and Calm have been spreading the practice of meditation like wild-fire.  So what is the need for meditation teachers if there are apps available?  There is nothing like the presence of live guidance.  No app can replace the power of human interaction.  Also, meditation isn’t a one size fits all situation.  The hardest thing is starting a new practice, and it’s even harder to find the right fit.  That’s why meditation teachers are needed right now – to guide those who are on the cusp on making a decision to a healthier relationship with themselves.

Transform Lives

The Sage Meditation Program will give you the skills necessary to foster a deep and meaningful relationship with a private clientele as your target audience. We firmly believe that one-on-one training provides the best way to deepen your awareness on all levels. We prepare you with the tools and knowledge of how to guide individual clients in an open, accepting and compassionate manner. True teaching is not about teaching, it is about sharing. That sharing comes from relating personal experiences in way that leaves an imprint of inspiration on the other. It’s not about telling someone they are wrong, but meeting them halfway. It is a skillful ability to mirror back to the client what changes are needed in the moment, without forcefully inserting your opinion as the golden word. The best long lasting changes are co-created and not overbearingly mandated.

Teacher Training Weekly Schedule

Week 1

  • Introduction
  • Learning Cuing Methodology, and the basics of script writing
  • Course Syllabus Review: Reviewing of all material, books for course:

Learning to Silence the Mind by Osho
Journey of Awakening by Ram Dass
Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide by Sandra Ingerman
The Yoga of Breath: A Step by Step Guide to Pranayama by Richard Rosen

Week 2

  • Entering the Yoga of Breath Part 1
  • The Science of the Breath
  • Practice in facilitation and taking care of your client
  • Integrating the use of hands on touch, and how to adapt it for distance online coaching as well.
  • Video/Reading/Writing Assignments, Journaling Assignments

Week 3

  • Entering the Yoga of Breath Part 2
  • The Science of the Breath continued
  • Cuing Methodology, Script Writing
  • Video/Reading/Writing Assignments, Journaling Assignments

Week 4

  • Integrating the Power of Mantra & Sound
  • The essential bija mantra sounds and their power in unlocking emotional residue
  • Video/Reading/Writing Assignments, Journaling Assignments

Week 5

  • The Power of Visualization
  • Cuing and Scripting for Visualization
  • Sacred Geometry, Energetic Blueprinting and their Energetic Significance
  • Video/Reading/Writing Assignments, Journaling Assignments

Week 6

  • Meditation in Movement
  • The power of repetition and the movement of physical energy. What should we move, and how?
  • Creating a mindful meditative practice in motion
  • Zazen Walking Meditation
  • Video/Reading/Writing Assignments, Journaling Assignments

Week 7

  • Overcoming the neurotic mind with dynamic methods
  • Osho Dynamic Meditation
  • Osho Natarajasana
  • Video/Reading/Writing Assignments, Journaling Assignments

Week 8

  • Osho Kundalini Meditation
  • Osho Nadabrahma
  • Video/Reading/Writing Assignments, Journaling Assignments

Week 9

  • The Art of the Playlist
  • The difference between holding a private session and a group class
  • The Power of Story. The Art of the Shamanic Journey Part 1
  • Video/Reading/Writing Assignments, Journaling Assignments

Week 10

  • Client Psychology/Archetypes
  • The Business of a Spiritual Practice
  • How to motivate and inspire
  • Review of Cuing Methodology
  • The Power of Story. The Art of the Shamanic Journey Part 2
  • Preparing for Practicum. Individually student led meditations, and group feedback