Spiritual Evolution 8 Week Program

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8 Week Transformational Program

As we move into this age of uncertainty, the only thing that is certain is our connection inwards. Everything about the global crisis is in fact a reflection of our inner turmoil – the inability to stop and smell the roses, the discontentment of who we are, where are are in life, always striving for more things, status, power, whatever the case may be.

This is the perfect time to go inwards to reconnect with your authentic truth, to level up your spiritual fire where ever you are along the journey. Spiritual evolution is essentially about cultivating our awareness and developing our intuition so that we can think, act, be in the world with more wisdom. This is who we truly are, the embodiment of wisdom. If you are called to go on a deep dive journey into yourself, to FREE yourself – join me on an 8 week adventure with live zoom meetings, online videos, audios and more to immerse yourself into the blossoming of your authentic and most elevated Self.

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This course is designed to integrate the mind, body and spirit for your continued evolution as a spiritual being moving through this biological experience we call human. It is designed simply, with depth. It is designed also mainly with the EXPERIENTIAL aspect as the primary component. A direct inner experience trumps any belief system. In this program, we apply theory into conscious action. 

  • 8 Powerful Group Transformational Journey Workshops (Live on Zoom – 2 hours – once per week – SUN: 2-4 pm Sydney Time, 4-6 pm New Zealand, 12-2 pm Singapore/HK/Perth, 5-7 am UK, 6-8 am Europe, SAT 5-7 pm Pacific US, 8-10 pm Eastern US
  • 8 Q&A Breakthrough Calls (Live on Zoom – 1 hour – once per week -WED 7 pm Sydney, 9 pm New Zealand, 5pm Singapore/HK/Perth, 10 am UK, 11 am Europe, TUES: 7pm Pacific US, 10 pm Eastern US
  • 8 Specially designed audio meditations for daily morning rituals (30 – 45 min each)
  • 8 Weeks of course materials created for spiritual evolution (including yoga videos, breathwork, spiritual philosophy and more)
  • 2 One-on-one shamanic energy healing sessions via zoom
  • Private group forum for continued support and sharing of homework
  • BONUS: Free Video Access to 10 Day Detox to reboot and reset the brain, and to restore the bioenergetic balance of the body.

Weekly Themes

  • Week 1: Freeing Our Identity from Generational Stories & Ancestral Karma
  • Week 2: Transmuting the Shadow Emotions of Shame, Blame, Guilt
  • Week 3: Overcoming the 5 Mental States of Suffering 
  • Week 4: Severing Conscious & Unconscious Energetic Cords to the Past and Future Expectations
  • Week 5: Old Story Ceremony: Setting Our Limitations Aflame 
  • Week 6: Creating a New Relationship with the Present Self 
  • Week 7: Redesigning the Important Relationships in Our Lives
  • Week 8: Sage Sapien – The New Story, The New Human