Sun Moon Equilibrium and the Heart of the Lion

Written by on August 1, 2017

We all have been on an emotional rollercoaster ride since the beginning of 2017 with many twists and turns and plenty of ups and downs. Maybe you can only recount more downs than ups, but remember that everything happens for good reason. August marks a pivotal change on a micro and macro scale with a series of celestial events mirroring the inevitable changes that will play out on a deep personal level.

I don’t claim to predict the future, nor do I allow the stars to one hundred percent dictate how I choose to act or decide. However, I do take them into consideration in order to make a conscious effort in navigating unknown terrain with wisdom. I read, I meditate, I tune in to my inner guidance, and I observe as a silent watcher of what is true and what is not. Essentially, every human being wants to be immersed in joy, love and happiness and would jump at the opportunity at finding the quickest shortcut there. And some strongly believe that we can buy our ticket to this fleeting place. But of course, our journey there somehow always seems to be arduous and elusive.

We must remember, even through the worse of times, that on a spiritual level, we have arrived on the physical plane to experience the fullest range of sensations and that includes difficult situations and emotions. The path of meditation, self-healing, wellness, or whatever it is you want to call it, eventually leads us to realize that life on Earth is structured around an ebb and flow of ups and downs. Our spiritual evolution rests on our ability to loosen up (physically, mentally and emotionally) and become more observant of these fluctuations. This is the whole purpose of the yoga and meditation practice. Until you can integrate these concepts into your body and connect the dots, you are not evolving in your practice of “yoga,” you are simply moving and breathing in ways that reflect your inner chaos. Your practice becomes a dramatic soap opera playing out your suffering instead of a practice of transmuting your stagnations into lightness.

I have always had a deep connection to nature and to the unseen spirit realm. I receive information from the invisible, through dreams, through higher guidance, and I try to move through life with a sense of equilibrium as our ancestors did long before the Internet. This is why I regard astrology as a beautiful art of science and magic. Pure science seeks to compartmentalize and conform life into boxes through logic and reasoning. And astrology marries this left brained activity of reasoning with the beauty of feeling and intuition. Ancient Kings, Queens, prophets, astrologers and lay people have always regarded the Full moon and eclipses as a harbinger of potent change. And this month, there is a lunar eclipse that can be seen across Europe, African, Asia and Australia on August 8th , while the solar eclipse will be seen in the Americas on August 21st. It’s not a coincidence that half the world will witness one eclipse while the other half the other. August is a surefire recipe for a massive shift that everyone will feel around the world.

Across all cultures, mythology tells tales of the sun being eaten by various creatures or the anger of the gods and goddesses exacting punishment on man.

Though there are differences in language and customs, the cultural eclipse traditions across the world share one common denominator. They agree that eclipses interrupt the regularity of natural order. Eclipses have long been recorded to during massive changes of political order. Some examples of political turmoil during other solar eclipses in the US were, the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, the assassination of JFK, the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and many other instances. In other parts of the world, the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was deposed during a solar eclipse. King Henry I died during a legendary eclipse that sent England into a 19 year civil war. The Ottomans conquered Constantinople and ended the thousand year old Byzantine Empire over a lunar eclipse. All throughout history, there have been global incidents that have created massive upheaval during eclipses. So short of feeling helpless with this information, how do we proceed into August?

I have felt in my dreams and meditation that August will be analogous to a speeding train going off that tracks. This derailment will cause us to evaluate what is truly important to us. Inevitably, it will be witnessed on a global level through the volatile political temperature we have been experiencing and more natural disasters. On a personal level, it just means, we will more likely lose our cool in situations at work, with our family and our loved ones. We might even be prone to multiple meltdowns. Our personal stories are all different, and some will be affected more than others by these influences. We can however rise above the storm and help each other transmute the embers of this explosive period.

Connect to nature. Meditate. Keep grounded and stay present with all that is brewing inside. The triple whammy on top of all this is that Mercury goes into retrograde from August 13th to September 5th. People hate when Mercury goes into retrograde because it slows down communications, traffic, travel, work and anything involving our interactions with our surroundings. Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to go on a retreat to connect inwardly. There is no better time to do focus on You.

August is ruled by Regulus, the heart of Leo, the courageous Lion. We are called at this time to be brave. Take the time to cleanse the stagnant areas of your life. Refocus your attention from your external distractions to your internal world. And know that how you choose to sail through turbulent surf will determine the rest of 2017.

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