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Some Stories from Client Transformations …

Visha Nelson – Founder of The Cinnamon Room

How I Reconnected to the Strength in my Femininity


Melissa Chan – Head of Strategy and Partnerships

How I Unlocked my Emotions and Released Years of Physical Pain


Tatjana Hoofs – Children’s Behavioral Specialist

How I Became more Grounded in the Midst of Big Changes

The Netherlands

Alexandra Kondratyeva – Director of Marketing

How I Developed a Deeper Understanding of my Body and Soul Needs


Courtney Bauer – Founder of Curriculum AUM

How I Released Old Emotional Baggage to get back on Track


Briyah Denham – Vice President of a Fortune 500 Company

How I Navigated Uncertainty About the Future into Self – Assurance

London, United Kingdom

Going on a Transformational Retreat Stories

Arabella Kump – Investment Banker

United Kingdom

Barbara Schmidt – Creative Director & Entrepeneur

NYC & Sydney

Amanda Thorpe – Organizational Change

New Zealand

Emma Sutcliffe – Finance

United Kingdom

Daniela Hosang – Private Banking


Maggie Cavill – Entrepeneur

Ireland & United Kingdom

Teresa Perry

Massachusetts – USA

Patricja Cral – Life Coach


Annethe Nathan – Entrepeneur

Sweden & United Kingdom

Merle Cockerill – Asset Management

Sydney, Australia

Agnes Wong – Business Management

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Rosslyn Valentine

Sydney, Australia

Andrea Wieser – Asset Management


Cushla Beasley – Director of Building & Construction

New Zealand